Team MissionMaster Pi Wars 2024 blog

We hope to see you in Pi Wars 2024.

We are Team MissionMaster.

We are competing in Pi Wars 2024.

We do Python in Ministeps coding club.

We share our journey with you on this blog.

Hope you find it interesting to read.

  • The competition day
    20th of April, 2024 the competition day is finally here. Our team have done it. Although our videos are not fully ready, I thought to update you with our competition so those who are reading our blog do not need to wait for too long. The best part is that […]
  • Presentation Video
    We like to share our failures and miserable moments, as well as successes. Please watch our final presentation video here. Hope you like it. 😉
  • Can robot see the color?
    How to resolve this equation? Pi camera + Python opencv = color recognization I have been working on this for a while, and I am still … working …. We can get an image. In progress … We can extract a particular colour from the image. Still on … Focus […]
  • Can’t You Go Straight Lines?
    We were so exited to do more videos this morning, but quickly realized one thing: The robot is not going in straight lines! Is it from the big bang (crash) happened the other day? Otherwise, how come we never spotted it over the last so many days! We checked the […]
  • Art Design of The Ambulance Vehicle
    In the disaster zone, MissionMaster’s BraveBot is going to be courageous, swift, and agile to fulfill its mission to save. Its design was initially created by Dophin, then Panda made it real in Tinkercad, improved, and completed with fine details. And we’d like to share some of in-process design graphs. […]
  • Line tracking attempt
    The line tracking module contains photoresistors that can detect a white line from a black surface, or vice versa. This is the last failed attempt, with a high expectation of success. Although it did not, but it is worth to remember. An improved version: PS: The testing track was built […]
  • Is it the sensor or the code?
    We are programming the line following sensor with a piece of white paper moving under-neath each photoresistor. However, we are not getting the signal as expected. (Update on March 6th, 2024) We have determined that it is the second and fifth photoresistor that are not working as designed. A replacement […]
  • Ultrasonic Distance Detection
    We made an ultrasonic dance with the robot. With the two big front eyes – called ultrasonic distance detection sensor, the robot is able to detect obstacles in front of it, and therefore make decisions to stop/reverse and avoid crashing onto a wall. But, one interesting thing is that, if […]
  • Who is the best driver?
    Team member Elephant(Nickname) is showing off his driving skills in the video below. Do you approve his driving skills as the best driver? Or is the one below much better? Will his skills help us in the 2024 Pi Wars?We’d like to hear what you say. Please feel free to […]
  • Remote control testing
    Welcome to the remote control testing blog. Driving with a remote control is great fun, but only when it is working. We had a driving competition to find out who is the best driver. But to be honest, I am probably the best of all! At crashing? No, no. We […]
  • Program the remote control
    For remote control, we get the controller from PiHub, and used the python library “approxeng”. Thanks to the team who contributed to the library and the documentation of the library, which made our job a lot easier. We tried different key combinations. And among us, we have divided viewings on […]
  • Servo motor is not working!
    Date: 04/11/2023 During the initial test of the servo motor, we programmed it to respond to a left turn, and then a right turn. But it only responded to the right turn. (Update: this is now fixed. We replaced the servo motor and it worked afterwards.)
  • Robot Car Building
    We have decided to go with the Sunfound PiCar-S with Raspberry Pi based on:
  • Pi War 2024 team are formed
    We all love coding, we all love robot, although we have not built one before, but we are all in for a competition in 2024 Pi War! To ease our parents’ concerns about online safety, we have all choosen a nick name for each of us to use in all […]
  • Pi is up and running …
    Date 30/09/2023 We have our Raspberry Pi now, with a SD card, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, we are in! In case you want to know how to set up a Raspberry Pi. Please read this page:
  • Hi and welcome to this blog! 😀
    We’d like to share our journey of building our first robot with you, including both the fun and miserable part. Hope you enjoy reading.

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