Mandarin Club

Our approach

• We focus on characters with all four language skills, with attention to individual needs

课程以简体字中文教学为主。中文教学为全中文授课, 从课程的内容到形式,都贯彻“以学生为主体,教师为主导”,“培养言语交际能力,听说读写全面发展”的教学理念,坚持科学、严谨、生动活泼的教学方法,以学以致用为教学目的。

• Regular cultural exposure to Chinese history and geography at different levels.


• Mother tongue programme in full immersion but with Mandarin as a foreign language teaching plan support throughout the learning.


• Advanced classes’ Ministeps widened to experience Chinese literature through a rich reading programme, allowing students to understand modern Chinese charm and sophistication.


Our Current Lessons

Saturday Mandarin School

Mandarin as a Foreign Language Class A 外语一班
Non-Native Speaker
Year 3 above

Mandarin as a Second Language Class A 中文二外一班
Year R – Year 2

Mandarin Reading and Writing Class 中文母语阅读写作二班
Year 3 above

Mandarin as a Second Language Class B 中文二外 二 班
Year 4 above

Mandarin as a Mother Tone Language Beginner Class 中文母语识字班
Reception above

Mandarin Reading and Writing Class 中文母语阅读写作 一班
Year 4 above

Mandarin GCSE Class 中文 GCSE 考试 班
Year 7 above