Can’t You Go Straight Lines?

Home / Can’t You Go Straight Lines? - March 23, 2024 , by panda

We were so exited to do more videos this morning, but quickly realized one thing: The robot is not going in straight lines! Is it from the big bang (crash) happened the other day? Otherwise, how come we never spotted it over the last so many days!

We checked the wheel. Take it down, checked the bearing, put it back on, still the same …

Servo motor offset did the trick. We keep the servo motor turn 10 degrees more when going ahead, and left with reduce 10 degrees, and right will increase 10 degrees. It seems have worked. Phew!

Move on to more videoing now… Hopefully we will share something pleasant to you at the end. Please do check and look out for our video in the coming weeks.

Wish you a great Easter holiday for now!

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