Our Ethos

We believe:
The longest journey begins with a single step. One challenge and one small victory at a time!
Lay a solid foundation, and the time will come for you to shine.
夯实基础 ,厚积薄发!

We believe that every child has unique talents which may take different forms, but are equally valued and encouraged.

Our mission at Ministeps Mandarin School is:
To make effective Mandarin learning accessible to local families;
To deliver a certificate linked Mandarin as foreign language programme to every student;
To nurture a truly bilingual and multi-culture generation;
To bring the community together.
Our Approach at Ministeps Mandarin School is:
Our classes are taught by trained, experienced and motivated teachers. Sessions are tailored with fun and
interactive activities. We focus on all four language skills, with attention to individual needs. Regular cultural sessions are included for hands-on experiences that the children will go on talking about for ever.
At Ministeps Mandarin school, students enjoy learning and willingly come to learn Mandarin covering/linking to many subject topics including music, games, crafty projects, drama, history, Chinese culture, etc.
Student’s individual needs and style of learning are respected and taken care of.
Exposure to Chinese culture, history and geography at different levels.
Mother tongue program in full immersion but with Mandarin as foreign language teaching plan support throughout the learning.
Advanced classes’ Ministeps widened to experience Chinese literature by rich reading programme, which gives students the opportunity to understand modern Chinese charm and sophistication.