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20th of April, 2024 the competition day is finally here.

Our team have done it.

Although our videos are not fully ready, I thought to update you with our competition so those who are reading our blog do not need to wait for too long.

The best part is that we had an amazing day together at the Pi Wars 2024 competition. We all had a go and we were competing together. Everyone had an important role to play, and everyone played responsibly. There are several occasions our teammates putting team before themselves, and also occasions we encourage everyone to have a go, even at a price of our final result. This is a quote from our coach’s word before we receive our final result, “I heard about the details of your great attitude towards each other working as a team, considering and looking after each other. Regardless of the outcome, I am very honored and priviledged to have you as my team and pupils. You are all stars!”

The result, currently in transition as we did not wait until the Prize given on the day, is that we are the second overall, and won 1st place on two individual sessions: Lava Palava and The Temple of Doom .

Congratulations to all my teammates. And we will upload our competion videos when they are ready. Thank you for reading our blogs, and witnessing our journey of learning and building our first robot.

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